Horse Riding in Mongolia

I needed Mongolia bad. I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone who knows me if I preface this post by admitting that it’s like Clapham Junction train station inside my head. I have a thousand London trains criss-crossing my brain on a daily basis, which obviously makes for hilarity and all the […]

7 Reasons Why Solo Travel is the Tits

Sometimes you write to convince others of something. Sometimes you write to convince yourself of something. I’m four months into (another) solo round the world trip and I’ve been wondering why I’ve done this to myself AGAIN. I LOVE travel. It’s my jam. But sometimes I get lonely. Therefore in an effort to convince myself that […]

Just bloody write already

You’d think after finally publishing my first book the force would be strong with me and I’d be forty-seven scenes deep into the writing of my next book. But alas this is not the case. I feel like Julia Roberts in that restaurant scene in Pretty Woman. (Stay with me on this one.) Richard Gere is […]