The Daily Love Bali Writers Retreat: After

I have been procrastinating writing this post about my experience of The Daily Love Writers Mastermind. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to distill the month long extravaganza into approximately 483 words. But if I learned anything in Bali it’s that I need to stop thinking & start doing! As Goethe says: ‘Whatever […]

The Daily Love Bali Writers Retreat: Before

Every now & then I will be minding my own business, probably biting my nails, and I will feel this sudden explosion in my thoracic cavity. Less heart attack, more a spasming of gratitude & joy & overwhelm. Reason: The time is nearing for me to fly off to Bali for The Daily Love Bali […]

Getting out of my Comfort Zone: Bollywood Style

Raise your hand if your parents used to tell you that all those things you didn’t want to do as a kid were ‘character-building’. Everything from eating cruciferous vegetables to moving schools would supposedly assist with the construction of my personality. At the time I thought it was ludicrous & made this clear by rolling […]

I Want To Live in a Tiny House

I want to live in a tiny house.   For those not down with all things ‘tiny house’-related a tiny house generally refers to any house less than 1000 feet, although there doesn’t seem to be an official size of what can be recognised as a tiny house or apartment. Anything bigger than 1000 foot […]

(Bus) Travel Makes You Awesome

I truly believe that public transport was created to make you awesome. It might be better for the environment, a more affordable mode of getting around & assists in keeping traffic congestion down. But its main purpose is to make you a better person. Fact. I have had the privilege of catching all manner of […]

Choose Your Own Adventure

Lately I have been thinking a lot about those ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books I read when I was little. CYOA books started flying around in the 80’s. Written in the second-person, the books put the choice of how to move the story forward in the hands of the reader, and at certain points you […]

My Imaginary Finders Keepers Market Stand

When I frequent markets like the Finders Keepers Markets, which I did this past weekend, I like to imagine that I have my own quirky artisan stand. It makes it more fun that way. In the past I have sold carved wooden iPad covers, framed photographs of artfully assembled garbage & letter-pressed swear word stamps […]

Do It Like A Kid

I love watching little kids being little kids. It is one of my favourite things about frequenting the West End markets. Most Saturdays I fight my way through the crowds of hippies & yummy mummies to get my falafel and my green juice and I sit on the field with mates, watching kids eat dirt […]

A Lesson on Creativity from Liz Gilbert

Sarah and I went to The Powerhouse earlier this year to hear Liz Gilbert of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ talk about Creativity.  Being a blogger I couldn’t NOT share the experience here. Creativity – or a lack thereof – is something I struggle with every now and then, when the wind is blowing in the wrong […]

Life Won’t Wait

I am just going to launch into this without much of an introduction and I am going to keep it short & to the point. You might want to play some dramatic music for effect or at least read this in Spitting Cobra stance. Life. Won’t. Wait. I have been thinking about those 3 words a […]