I believe you’re just doing the best you can.

Yes, sometimes you dry hump inappropriate people and inhale large blocks of “night cheese”, but if this shit called life was easy everyone would be enlightened and levitating cross-legged above the ground while sipping green smoothies. Amirite?

During my travels in Latin America several years ago I realised that no-one knew what the hell they were doing—just like me! And that magical thought allowed me to loosen the (sweaty, white-knuckled) grip on what I thought my life should look like.

That’s why I wrote this novel.

As a reminder that your hands can shake and you can stumble and you can still be your own superhero.

60 Ways to Die in South America could be described as Eat, Pray, Love meets Bridget Jones’s Diary meets a cheese empanada. It’s humorous travel-inspired escapism with a message.

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What readers of 60 Ways to Die in South America are saying:

“This booked cracked me up, page after page.”

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purple-quotes60 Ways to Die in South America has a little of everything; travel, everyday social problems, laughter, tears, annoying colleagues, fears we can all relate to, exotic locations and a little dose of love on the side. The story would appeal to anyone, due to its excellent writing and wide range of emotions, but would especially resonate with fans of Torre DeRoche and Elizabeth Gilbert. – S. Moore

“Ashworth’s voice is fresh and funny and her Lucy is the most endearing heroine I’ve encountered since Bridget Jones.”

M. Marfori

Sred-quotesuperb, wonderfully written, and enjoyable throughout. For those who have ever felt down on their luck, or questioned themselves in life. This journey will reassure and warm your soul. – J. Bayndrian

About The Book

TA_BookPageCarpe diem, they say. Get out of your comfort zone, they shout from the goddamn rooftops. But they never mention being kidnapped for your kidneys, now do they?

Journalist Lucy Hart’s mojo has shrivelled up like a raisin. Her job in the Classifieds Section of a local newspaper is boring as bat crap, her dating life makes her weep into her wine and her roommate is a fan of extremely loud sex.

Lucy is almost resigned to her life being all sorts of sad when she’s forced to take a travel writing assignment in South America of all places. And as if that’s not bad enough, she’s thrust into the whole horrendous adventure along with the newspaper’s stuck-up freelance photographer, Jack Dawson.

Will Lucy end up baked into an empanada or will she grow a pair of lady balls along the way?

60 Ways to Die in South America is a travel-inspired novel about love, llamas and trying not to die—for anyone who has ever felt like they’re not winning at LIFE.