9 Tips for Making Friends when Travelling Solo

Recently I wrote a post about how solo travel is the tits. And it is. But as much as I am sure you enjoy your own company you can’t spend the duration of your trip talking to a volleyball with a smiley face painted in blood. The aim of the game is to put yourself […]

Horse Riding in Mongolia

I needed Mongolia bad. I don’t think it will be a surprise to anyone who knows me if I preface this post by admitting that it’s like Clapham Junction train station inside my head. I have a thousand London trains criss-crossing my brain on a daily basis, which obviously makes for hilarity and all the […]

7 Reasons Why Solo Travel is the Tits

Sometimes you write to convince others of something. Sometimes you write to convince yourself of something. I’m four months into (another) solo round the world trip and I’ve been wondering why I’ve done this to myself AGAIN. I LOVE travel. It’s my jam. But sometimes I get lonely. Therefore in an effort to convince myself that […]

Learning to Surf is like Learning to Life

First thing’s first, taking surfing lessons for a week in Sri Lanka does not qualify me to write about the sport with any kind of authority. I know this. At most I surfed about 20 hours in total (and yes I’m playing fast and loose with the term “surfed”). By my calculation I still have […]

A Cruise to Antarctica: What to Expect

I never anticipated all the interest I’d have from friends and family about my recent trip to Antarctica. I should have known. I’d probably have been the same. The Antarctic seems almost like it’s of another world on a planet in a galaxy far far away. With all this interest in mind I thought I’d […]

I went to Sri Lanka because a fortune teller told me to

Yes you read the title of this post correctly. I travel to island nations based the contents of crystal balls. Let me break it down for you. In November 2014 I was lucky enough to attend a month long writer’s workshop in Ubud, Bali, during which time one of the more awesome attendees (hi Rachel!) put […]

The Daily Love Bali Writers Retreat: After

I have been procrastinating writing this post about my experience of The Daily Love Writers Mastermind. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to distill the month long extravaganza into approximately 483 words. But if I learned anything in Bali it’s that I need to stop thinking & start doing! As Goethe says: ‘Whatever […]

The Daily Love Bali Writers Retreat: Before

Every now & then I will be minding my own business, probably biting my nails, and I will feel this sudden explosion in my thoracic cavity. Less heart attack, more a spasming of gratitude & joy & overwhelm. Reason: The time is nearing for me to fly off to Bali for The Daily Love Bali […]

My Manifesto

Several months ago I decided to draw up my own manifesto as a reminder that I am not Highlander and I am not likely to live for 508  years until someone chops my head off with a Samurai sword. I wanted to keep myself on track to live a splendid life filled with deep meaning, jumping castles and […]