What the Hell is Creativity anyway?

I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about creativity lately because I’m trying to write my second novel and I’m sucking at it. HARD. From what I can tell creativity is a chemical reaction in the brain caused by the colliding of ideas (helped along with a sprinkling of pixie dust) and the outcome will […]

Just bloody write already

You’d think after finally publishing my first book the force would be strong with me and I’d be forty-seven scenes deep into the writing of my next book. But alas this is not the case. I feel like Julia Roberts in that restaurant scene in Pretty Woman. (Stay with me on this one.) Richard Gere is […]

The Daily Love Bali Writers Retreat: After

I have been procrastinating writing this post about my experience of The Daily Love Writers Mastermind. I just wasn’t sure how I was going to distill the month long extravaganza into approximately 483 words. But if I learned anything in Bali it’s that I need to stop thinking & start doing! As Goethe says: ‘Whatever […]

The Daily Love Bali Writers Retreat: Before

Every now & then I will be minding my own business, probably biting my nails, and I will feel this sudden explosion in my thoracic cavity. Less heart attack, more a spasming of gratitude & joy & overwhelm. Reason: The time is nearing for me to fly off to Bali for The Daily Love Bali […]

A Lesson on Creativity from Liz Gilbert

Sarah and I went to The Powerhouse earlier this year to hear Liz Gilbert of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ talk about Creativity.  Being a blogger I couldn’t NOT share the experience here. Creativity – or a lack thereof – is something I struggle with every now and then, when the wind is blowing in the wrong […]

Behind The Scenes: The Making of a Blog Post

A few people have asked me how I come up with blog posts and what the collaborative process looks like, so I thought I would give you a behind the scenes look at what goes into the making of a blog post from my perspective. For the sake of this post let’s assume I blog […]

My Manifesto

Several months ago I decided to draw up my own manifesto as a reminder that I am not Highlander and I am not likely to live for 508  years until someone chops my head off with a Samurai sword. I wanted to keep myself on track to live a splendid life filled with deep meaning, jumping castles and […]